Can All Believers See in the Spirit? Discover Keys To Activate Seer Encounters! 

We are surrounded by an invisible reality.  Heaven is actively working to invade the space of the natural world we live in. How does this affect our daily lives? And how can we increase our awareness of the supernatural activity of heaven? 
In Secrets of the Seer, prophetic communicator, Jamie Galloway helps you glimpse the unseen dimension and activate the prophetic nature of the seer in every believer. Learn how to recognize and posture your heart for seer moments by partnering with the Holy Spirit with 10 unique keys.
“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever...”
–Deuteronomy 29:29a

  • Darren Wilson -Founder, CEO WP Films
    I’ve known quite a few seers over the years, and the danger many of them face is allowing their experience and gift to sometimes overshadow their love and application of God’s word in their lives. This is decidedly not the case with Jamie, who loves and knows the word of God better than most people I know. That being the case, I have no doubt that this book in your hands will speak richly to you, take you to deeper places of solid, Biblical understanding, and move you further into the understanding of who you truly are in Christ.
    Darren Wilson -Founder, CEO WP Films
  • Shawn Bolz - Author of God Secrets, Translating God, Keys to Heaven's Economy
    I love that this book by Jamie Galloway has practical tools from a man who has lived as a seer to help bring perspective on bridging those gaps between God’s original intention and the world we live in now. Jamie takes us, the reader, through keys to developing a healthy spiritual seer life, such as partnering to the angelic, understanding the imagination, how to steward our humanity, they are profound keys from a man who has lived a profound life.
    Shawn Bolz - Author of God Secrets, Translating God, Keys to Heaven's Economy
  • Randy Clark, D MIN. - Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
    Jamie Galloway is a spiritual son of whom I am very proud and excited to see him writing. His new book, Secrets of the Seer, is rich in revelation for anyone with a desire to be used of God in the prophetic/seer realm. It brings wisdom to those who take the opportunity to grow by reading Secrets of the Seer. I believe Jamie's writings will open up your understanding of the ways of God. especially in the revelatory realm.
    Randy Clark, D MIN. - Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
  • Brian
    Jamie Galloway is one of today's modern spiritual leaders who infuses my hunger for more. In his new book, Secrets of the Seer, Jamie will awaken a godly jealousy in each of us to see deeper into the secret realms of the kingdom. The hidden manuscripts have been given to humanity to unlock the secret doors, gates, and portals, but it is up to us to search these matters out. Secrets of the Seer will stir such a hunger in you that I can promise you this: one read will not be enough!
    Brian "Head" Welch -Co-founder of the band Korn and New York Times bestselling author.


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 ? Frequently Asked Questions.

When will the book Ship?

Immediately. We have it before everyone else and you will recieve it before it is available in bookstores.

When does the E-Course start and finish?

The Seer Masterclass E-Course starts mid-February and never ends! It is an eight week course, but you may review the videos and articles at any time after those eight weeks!

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course forever.

Do I have to have a Facebook Page to Join the Seers Masterclass Community?

Yes. This private group will be a safe place for Jamie to connect with you over your questions and help you discover a deeper activation of SEER activity in your life.